Winter in New England can be long, cold and miserable, especially when you get stuck inside with bad weather. So, to help you make the most of these cooler months, here are our top 10 decor tips for creating a warmer interior this Winter.


1) Rug-up: While exposed wooden floors and tiles can look chic all year round, you’ll want to cover them up over the colder Winter months. Choose a rug that is thick, cozy and luxurious – one that wont just feel good but will also add an element of interest to the room. Deep blues and rich reds are always a Swift-Morris favorite!

Rug 2


2) Throw it on: Throws, blankets, and comforters are not just the perfect accessory but also completely practical when it’s feeling cold. Whether you prefer to have one on the end of your bed or strewn over your favorite arm chair, they are a Swift-Morris must have for keeping warm this winter!



3) Just add… Color! Adding a touch of color to your walls, windows or furniture will give an instant lift to a dab and dull Wintery room. For best results pick rich, bold and vibrant shades such as Marsala – Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year. See the cozy color featured in our project below or click here for our most recent Marsala blog post.




4) Candle’s are a Girls Best Friend: While candles can look pretty sitting untouched on the mantle, they are even better when they are lit! Not only do they make the room smell gorgeous but the soft candle light will also bring instant boost of warmth to the room.




5) Warming Wood: While turning your house into a wood cabin for Winter might be asking a little too much – drawing more attention to the wooden elements that are already in your home or substituting cooler materials like tile and metal for wood in the winter months is one way to make your home feel warmer!


Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.03.14 PM



6) Lighten-up: It’s not just the weather that makes things feel dull in Winter, we also miss out on those extra precious hours of daylight. Make up for it by changing your lights in Winter to the warmer and more energy efficient bulb options or even add an extra lighting fixture to a dark room.



7) Open Fire: There is nothing more cozy in Winter than lighting a log fire. However, for those who are less fortunate and don’t have a fire place, there are many great new options for energy efficient heaters that will also do the trick!



8) Fury Friends: Whether you prefer faux or the real deal, try placing a Sheepskin (or one of your other favourite fury friends) next to your bed or on your office chair for a warm, cozy and unexpected greeting!



9) Cover-Up: Don’t underestimate the power of proper drapes and curtains to insulate those drafty windows and doors during Winter. Switch out lighter fabrics to a heavier weight, to make sure you keep the precious heat in and the nasty cold out!





10) Cozy Chair:  Make yourself a designated cozy chair with rich soft fabric and big comfy cushions. It doesn’t even matter if your heat is out or it’s snowing outside, cuddling up in a cozy chair (preferably a wing chair) is the Swift-Morris fail safe for beating the big chill this Winter!



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Until next time – stay warm!