Brown & Howard started out as a model design job for the Brown & Howard Wharf but quickly turned into a very special personal project after it was purchased by one our most lovely clients; the Reefe’s.

Serving as a Newport Summer holiday home, the Reefe’s apartment boasts a beautiful classic and nautical influenced interior with the shades, fabrics and textures all inspired by the coastal region. Mixed with high end finishings and furnishings, the theme of the apartment is perfectly appropriate for it’s location, set on one of Newport’s most exclusive wharfs.

While we have an extensive range of portfolio photographs of this project here, beautiful design is in the details! Having made many additions to the details over time, we wanted to re-visit the Brown and Howard project on our blog so we could share all the special touches that make this apartment the beautiful and personal family home that it is.

Let’s take a look….

Swift9-14 005

Swift9-14 008

Swift9-14 015

 While the Reefe’s are somewhat traditional, they prefer to keep up with modern trends when it comes to technology and music.

Swift9-14 024

Swift9-14 028

Swift9-14 031

 This antique Scottish Grandfather clock is in the perfect location.

Swift9-14 039

Swift9-14 041

 This fun piece of artwork is also in keeping with the nautical and coastal theme of the wharf apartment.

Swift9-14 050

 Some family treasures…

Swift9-14 052

 Another stunningly antique clock for their collection.

Swift9-14 054

Swift9-14 062

 Coastal living isn’t complete without a collection of compasses.

Swift9-14 067

Swift9-14 069

 Last but not least, a picture of the view, which is just as perfect as the apartment itself.

This brings us to the end of our re-visit to the Brown and Howard project. We hope you enjoyed looking through these photographs of the Reefe’s gorgeous home and their personal touches. Needless to say, it is the details that make this home the special place that it is. We hope that the Reefe’s continue to enjoy their special space for many years to come, adding more memorable and unique details along the way!

Until next time…

Carol & the Swift-Morris Team