Earlier this month we had the pleasure of speaking with some aspiring interior designers, at Gill St. Bernard.

Situated in beautiful Brunsick, Gill St. Bernard has 700, of some of  New Jersey’s brightest students. We felt very fortunate to be able to meet and mentor a select group of them about the interior design industry.

During our preparation for this opportunity we wondered – what was our main message for the soon-to-be high school graduates?

Of course, there is a wealth of knowledge and information that we wanted to share with them all. However, after some team brainstorming, we decided that we wanted the students to know three things in particular about the interior design industry. And after further thought, we figured we might as well share it with you all as well. So here are our top 3 pointers for any aspiring interior designer:

1- There is never a right or wrong answer when it comes to interior design. Design is all about personal style (and usually the style of the client in question). A good designer will know how to balance their clients style and chosen aesthetic with their lifestyle and functionality!

2- Interior design will always be a part of your life, whether you become an interior designer or not! What you wear, surround yourself with and the space that you live in, will always define a part of who you are and how other people see you in the world.

3- Never forget that as an interior designer, you are always working for yourself! You never know who will be your next client, work colleague or boss (in fact, this applies to most occupations)! So make sure you are always on your best guard, but more importantly, doing your job with purpose and passion!

We hope that you find our three top tips a little bit helpful, insightful or maybe just interesting. We would also love to know if anyone else has any other advice or suggestions, so feel free to leave some comments below.

Otherwise, please enjoy the handful of happy snaps from our day at Gill St. Bernard, below.

It was such a delight to be able to have this opportunity and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.


Until next time…

-Carol & the Swift-Morris Team

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Gill St. Bernard is by far, one of the most beautiful campuses in New Jersey.


Carol speaks with the intimate group about a typical day in the life of an interior designer.


Carol goes through a previous interior design assignment, as the students prepare for their final end of  year project.


We are glad to see that they have all the essential magazine’s for tear sheets and their inspiration boards!